Michael Saltzstein | The Importance of Video in Today’s Marketing

There’s no question about the popularity of video, says Michael Saltzstein. Case in point: about 73% of Americans patronize YouTube, meaning it’s currently one of the most popular websites people go to, to view videos on the internet. This data, Michael Saltzstein adds, doesn’t even count Facebook and other social media platforms where video can similarly be uploaded and viewed. Not only that, the data talks only of American consumption, so that numbers would be even more outstanding if we consider viewership all over the world. 

It’s no surprise, then, that many modern marketing initiatives have become increasingly video-driven. As stated by Michael Saltzstein, the use of videos in digital marketing has so far proven to be an extremely efficient and cost-effective way to get your brand message across.

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Here, then, are the many ways video has become increasingly more valuable in today’s marketing.

Live video

One thing that brings additional value to video as an indispensable tool is the advent of live video, says Michael Saltzstein. This is partly due to the sharp rise in the popularity of streaming services. Today, a large number of enterprises use services such as Twitch for product demos, product reveal events, interviews, and the like.

According to Michael Saltzstein, live streaming is huge for digital marketing especially when conducted in tandem with influencer marketing. This takes us to our next point.


A mode of word-of-mouth promotion, influencer marketing focuses on working with key personalities to push your brand to the wider market.

Influencers can include celebrities, social media stars, respected journalists, and famous bloggers who can broadcast your products or services to their thousands or even millions of followers. When rightly done and with an appropriate choice of personality, the interactivity and spontaneity of live streaming can assuredly be appealing.


Another format that adds value to the use of video in digital marketing is the promotion of social media “stories,” which are short sequences that can do anything from conveying a simple narrative to explaining how a product is made.

Due to the growing popularity of this format, it’s important for marketers to consider “stories” in their digital marketing strategy. Shrewd marketers can, for example, show viewers what a day in the office is like for their company’s employees, engage customers by asking them what they think about their products, or even give viewers something they won’t forget, such as the company’s cute animal mascot.


With the cost of film equipment continually dropping and the quality of smartphone cameras getting even better, marketers and businesses are moving towards personalized video messages rather than emails or phone calls. Through personalized communication, a company can reply to questions, provide content, offer support, say thanks, and more. This way, the company can nurture a brand’s relationship with customers.

This year, video will play a vital role in the enhancement of marketing methods and customer experience. Michael Saltzstein therefore suggests for marketers to increase their focus on creating quality video content to share with their rightfully identified audience.

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