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Considering the prevailing trends, it is the belief of many that 2019 will be digital marketing’s most productive year. Michael Saltzstein observes, however, that over the last two years, there have been some slight changes in consumer attitudes towards traditional digital marketing. For one, conventional ads are not as well-accepted as they were three years ago, with many increasingly using ad blockers to avoid seeing ads.

Michael Saltzstein says that given the marketing developments that emerged in 2018, we should expect the following 3 trends to become more popular this year.

Socially conscious marketing will surge

Businesses conscious of social responsibility are on the rise, and in 2019, we are likely to see more of them get into beneficial partnerships as a means of devoting efforts to social causes. Observing social responsibility adds prestige and augments business marketing. Michael Saltzstein believes that in 2019, enterprises directly participating in socially responsible endeavors will yield better results than those who don’t.

Increased use of blockchain digital marketing

Blockchain digital marketing has been flaunted in marketing circles but hardly understood, says Michael Saltzstein. But with confidence in blockchain on the rise, it will come to be fully appreciated and increasingly employed in 2019. Making use of blockchain eliminates middlemen in the digital space, thus making it more desirable going forward.

Offline marketing’s resurgence

The number of people buying goods and services online continues to increase appreciably. Such growth has led to a substantial decline in offline marketing activities, which on the contrary is something smart businesses view as an opportunity. Suddenly, offline marketing, like for instance the delivery of printed materials to consumers, has become an excellent mode of adding a personal touch to an otherwise impersonal way of doing business. Such creativity is expected to set businesses apart in 2019.

The realm of marketing is not foreseen to undergo any drastic changes in the near future. These trends, however, will likely prompt considerable focal shifts in the way marketers and companies do business going forward. To learn more about significant marketing trends, make sure to frequently visit Michael Saltzstein’s blog!