Michael Saltzstein | Tips

In recent years, attracting customers online has become an integral part of marketing strategy. It’s now more of a necessity, says Michael Saltzstein, if a company hopes to succeed in a highly competitive environment. More and more companies, big and small, are going online as the medium enables them to reach a wider audience.

Content marketing enhances interaction with customers and draws the attention of the desired market online. The influx of companies, however, makes it increasingly difficult for one to stand out as the web gets flooded with images, videos, blogs, and what have you. This is where interesting and innovative content marketing can help, says Michael Saltzstein. And so, without further ado, here are 8 tips for content marketers who wish to stay competitive.

  • You must always establish a content strategy and have a plan for developing your audience. Try to build an image of your buyer as a guide towards creating content.
  • Michael Saltzstein suggests that you use your content to gently direct consumers through the purchasing process. Hard selling will not work. Your audience is more likely to relate to content that’s characteristically friendly and conversational.
  • Avoid writing short posts. Instead, Michael Saltzstein suggests that you write more content – say a thousand or more words – that will help increase your traffic and value.
  • Don’t use long-winded titles. Employ short and simple headlines that get the gist of the content across.
  • Devise a strategy for the promotion of content. Make a list all of the applications and social channels you’ll employ to disseminate your content. Utilize the social sharing buttons to share your content.
  • Be a consistent blogger. You can edit old content or re-write it differently to give something new to users who may not have seen it before.
  • Keep track of trending content and the most popular content types and topics that are bringing traffic to your site.
  • Good writing is desirable. If you’re unable to write well, you can always lean on freelancers to help you write good content that your audience maybe thirsting for.

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