Michael Saltzstein | Email Marketing

No response. Sent to spam. Trolling replies. Sometimes, those are the results of the email marketing campaign you’ve worked hard on. Maybe your subject line’s spammy? Maybe your email’s not enticing enough? Michael Saltzstein says that you need to determine why your email subscriber lists aren’t responding to your emails and then use that information to improve your email marketing strategy.

Here are Michael Saltzstein’s tips on how you can enhance the email marketing experience for you and your potential clients. Image Source: LYFE Marketing

1. Create engaging email content

What makes people read an email blast? When that email’s good to read, of course. Michael Saltzstein recommends you try to make the subject in your email enticing enough that it sparks curiosity. It also helps to make the content of the email fun to read and targeted enough that it relates to your potential clients.

2. Know your target audience

One of the biggest mistakes email marketers tend to do is to clump everyone into a single subscriber list. Michael Saltzstein says you should segment your subscriber list and learn to know your target audience, so you can create targeted email blasts that cater to a particular set of subscribers. That way, your emails resonate with your readers because it reflects their needs and interests.

Knowing your target audience allows you to customize the content you put out, making it more fun or personal—of course, still depending on your audience.

3. Format, format, format

Overloading your email blast with photos won’t make it any more enticing than a photo album. Make sure to format your emails in a way that makes it clean and clear to read, says Michael Saltzstein. It should allow readers to skim and scan the content and at the same time, make them remember the vital details. That means bullet points and paragraphs. Also, use pictures only when you absolutely need to so the email will load properly. Consider people on the go as well and make sure your newsletters and the like are mobile-friendly.

4. Send email blasts consistently

Aim for consistency when it comes to email subscriber lists, says Michael Saltzstein. But remember to give your readers and potential clients a breathing room when you do. Set a schedule of when to send your newsletters; bi-weekly or monthly typically are the best options. That way, you continue to update your subscriber lists with whatever’s going on, or giving them deals without smothering them with a bunch of emails, which often leads to you becoming a part of their spam lists.

5. Email blasts should be valuable

The emails you send to your subscriber lists must always have a value in it. Michael Saltzstein believes that the emails must correlate to wherever the person is on the buyer’s journey currently. Not every sales pitch or new deal alerts are going to get noticed. You must plan the content you send out like how to make the most of your product, tips and tricks, new offers, some promotions, business news—the works.

Creating an effective email campaign needn’t be difficult. Michael Saltzstein offers tips, tricks, and solutions that can enhance your current marketing strategy. Bookmark this page to stay up to date.