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When Michael Saltzstein was growing up, he never thought about getting into marketing. He loved sports (still does especially basketball) and he loved the outdoors, so he thought that he was going to get into something related to either one when he grew up. But when he got into university, his parents advised him to get into something that will “sustain you for the rest of your life” and so he chose marketing. He completed his bachelor’s in Marketing at the University of Pennsylvania.

Michael Saltzstein has taken various executive roles in the span of his career in Marketing, from Global Marketing Manager to Vice President of Marketing but he didn’t start out in these jobs right after college. You could say that he paid his dues first before reaching the pinnacle of his career.

His first job was as a Junior Marketing Associate for a local brand. As many of you know, Marketing has many different aspects that require various professionals and expertise, and for Michael, that aspect was Events, so he was officially employed as a Junior Marketing Associate for Consumer Events. In this capacity, he took care of product samplings at different locations, product launches, and seasonal events.

He spent about two years in this role before moving up to Brand Manager. This job, he admits, tested his patience and limits numerous times. But more than these, it taught him about resilience. Being responsible for a brand is a huge task and one that will require all your time, attention, and energy. But Michael Saltzstein was more than up for the job and he proved on numerous occasions his mettle in the field.

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