Michael Saltzstein | 5 High-Paying Marketing Jobs

A career in marketing can be extremely profitable, but what exactly do the most lucrative marketing jobs entail, responsibilities-wise? To give you an idea about what to expect from them, Michael Saltzstein gives us some important details about five high-paying marketing jobs.

1. Chief marketing officer (CMO)

The CMO earns between $80,253 and $253,036 per year. Their chief role is to create, supervise, and carry out the firm’s marketing vision. The CMO creates long-term plans and uses enterprise-wide project management to execute them, and in the process, plays an integral role in contributing to the growth of the company’s business. Image Source: John Lincoln

According to Michael Saltzstein, the job usually involves strategic marketing, product marketing, online marketing, branding, marketing management, and business development.

Those with advanced marketing degrees and years of experience in the industry are good candidates for the position. Employers look for strong communication, leadership, and data analysis skills in candidates.

2. Vice president of marketing

The vice president of marketing makes between $81,835 and $194,584 annually, Michael Saltzstein states. They are top level executives and often members of the board of directors. As such, their responsibilities include planning and managing their firm’s marketing strategies, as well as advertising and branding.

Michael Saltzstein states the job also entails coming up with concepts for future product development, and collaborating with a team tasked with analyzing the performance of marketing programs.

Anyone with extensive marketing experience and education in business administration and marketing should qualify for the job.

3. Global marketing manager

The global marketing manager earns from $59,963 to $144,916 a year, says Michael Saltzstein. Their main role is to manage the enterprise’s marketing budget on a scale that takes the entire world into account. They also devise and execute development plans, and advise the company about its direction.

Forming and preserving relationships with partners, and coordinating with the company’s various departments also play a part in the global marketing manager’s responsibilities.

Qualified candidates for the role are those with a master’s degree in business administration, and a bachelor’s degree in the field the firm’s chief interests revolve around.

4. Demand generation director

The demand generation director secures between $83,806 and $158,781 yearly. According to Michael Saltzstein, their principal role is to develop and lead the organization’s generation strategies for digital tactics. They’re involved in the supervision of demand campaigns both offline and online, as well as the outlining, assessment, automation, and carrying out of new campaigns.

The job requires collaborating with sales teams, and an extensive understanding of B2B marketing methods.

Michael Saltzstein says that this job requires a bachelor’s degree.

5. Marketing director

Earning between $41,245 and $145,256 a year, the marketing director supervises and guides marketing strategies, and manages a marketing staff to make the attainment of specific goals possible. The job involves the conceptualization and creation of projects; the ascertaining of marketing campaigns’ budgets; communication with clients, vendors, and the firm’s various managers; and the gathering and review of data necessary to improve marketing performance.

Any aspiring marketing director needs a bachelor’s degree in marketing or any related field.

While the above list mentions some of the highest-paying marketing jobs, there are many more in the industry to work towards. To learn more about other lucrative marketing jobs, bookmark Michael Saltzstein’s blog!